Aylmerton Nature Diary

A brief Introduction

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Blackberries down the Street, nature’s winter larder

Autumn seems an odd time to be starting a nature diary. The long hot days of summer are past, nights are drawing in, the last of our summer avian visitors are preparing for their arduous journey south and the flowers that have brightened our village meadows, woods and roadsides are all but over for another year. So, not much to write about you might be thinking, well actually there’s lots but, before I get started, I thought it would be appropriate to set out a few guiding principles.

The first is that, as the name implies, this is essentially a blog about the natural history of Aylmerton – occasionally there may be something a little off topic but the main subject matter is going to be the fauna and flora of the parish. Second, my principal interest, since the age of six, is birds and it’s the aspect of natural history I know most about but my inquisitiveness extends to the far corners of the natural world – if I don’t know about something and, believe me, there’s plenty I don’t, I’m all too ready to be enlightened. Which brings me to my final introductory point which is that I’m hoping to create, through this blog, a small community of interest – if you know something about our local natural history and want to share it, then please make a comment on the blog or contact me in person.

Lastly, if you want to know a little more about me and what gets me buzzing then turn to the ‘About me’ page for some brief biographical background – if not, then jump right in..



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