Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday 28th September

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Chiffchaff, The Street, Aylmerton

Just arrived back from a week away in Dorset, so took an early morning turn around the Lake. No sign of any Swallows remaining in the village but my neighbour reports that she had her first flock of Pink-footed Geese over the village on the 25th. (see the post-script to my blog Lesser is More, last year). A few things of interest, though generally no obvious signs of winter arrivals. A solitary Marsh Tit, calling in the hedge, at the bottom of The Street was of note – I met a guy by the Lake who had seen a further two or three birds in a mixed tit flock. There was evidence of an increase in the local Jay population – there’s been a small influx of continental birds arriving on the Norfolk coast over the past week. A small group of Siskin flew from the shelter-belt along the ‘new path’ towards the Lake – these birds used to be regarded as winter visitors but, in recent years, have become regular local breeders. There are plenty of fungi appearing in the woods and I really must make the effort to identify some of them! On the way home I encountered a very vocal Chiffchaff in a neighbour’s hedge.

I notice that a sign has appeared on the Allotment gate warning of the risks of Lyme disease – spread by ticks which live in woodlands or grassland and feed on a variety of animal hosts. Untreated, tick bites become infected and the effects of the disease can be serious.


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