Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday, 30th September – late afternoon

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Comma on brambles

Took a walk around Felbrigg Lake this afternoon in the unseasonably warm sunshine – Marsh Tit was calling loudly as I entered through the back gate. A lone Common Buzzard circling with a Kestrel caught my eye, probably one of our local birds I thought but that was likely not the case for the four drifting slowly south west, high up in the clouds – more likely these were migrants. Tawny Owls were calling to each other in the oaks by the house and a small group of Siskin were making their characteristic soft piping call as they flew around the alders at the head of the Lake. I looked for the Little Owl by the outflow stream but could only hear it, deep in the ivy-covered ash. I also heard and then later saw a Kingfisher.

Three of four Common Buzzard soaring high up        IMG_7702

Kingfisher perched by the outflow


Kingfisher has been an unusual occurrence at Felbrigg for the past few years but in the last few weeks I’ve seen one on several occasions – usually flying fast and low across the Lake, so it was good to catch one static, albeit rather distant.

On the way back to the village I watched a Roe Deer grazing unconcerned in the pasture next to the road.



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