Aylmerton Nature Diary

Demise of Dragon Corner?

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Yesterday I noticed National Trust estate workers engaged in some activity by the Lake. This morning I was able to see the extent of that activity, which has involved considerable tree felling, scrub and reed clearance from around the area of the sluice in the dam wall and the re-excavation of the overflow channel. Apparently the sluice has been ineffective in controlling waters levels for some time now and repairs are now planned. All sounds good except that the corner most effected is, as I understand from the local Dragonfly experts, the best spot on the Lake to watch several species of Dragonflies emerging – in fact I watched a Brown Hawker do just that this summer. I’m not against the work that the Trust do generally – in fact I’ve been very pleased with their efforts to un-straighted the course of Scarrow Beck, as it flows into the Lake and, by putting in the top sluice, creating a wet meadow habitat for waders. All good stuff, but I’m less enthusiastic over this latest bit of ‘tidying up’ – time will tell I guess.

View towards the dam                                              DSC09032

Re-excavated overflow channel, with newly felled tree stumps


View of the sluice and cleared area beyond


Freshly emerged brown Hawker, drying it’s wings on the now removed trees 


Freshly emerged Brown Hawker in flight 


Other stuff of interest included a Snipe over the water meadow, twelve Tufted Duck on the Lake, Little Egret and a Fox along the path. Nearer home, a flock of seven Skylarks over.


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