Aylmerton Nature Diary

Spring/Summer Highlights

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Red-rumped Swallow, the spring/summer ‘stand-out’ bird for me 

As I’m unable to get out around the patch for the next few days I thought I’d do a quick recap on a few of this spring/summer’s highlights. For me the stand-out bird was the discovery of a Red-rumped Swallow over Felbrigg, in April – for a full account click this link. But we’ve also had a smattering of scarce spring migrants, including Ring Ouzel, Whinchat and Wheatear, and a couple of scarce resident breeding birds like Spotted Flycatcher and Cuckoo.

 Male Wheatear in April, in the meadow below the dam


and Ring Ouzel in the hedge up The Loke


There were at least three different young Cuckoo’s raised by surrogate parents in Felbrigg


and probably two pairs of Spotted Flycatcher – one in the oaks by the side of the new path from the back gate to the Lake  and another, found by Tim from the village, at the pond at Park Farm – see Delayed Departure.



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