Aylmerton Nature Diary

A Touch of Déjà vu



One of two Little Egret seen together over Felbrigg Lake

The current run of unseasonably warm weather continues here, so I went for an early morning walk in the sunshine. There didn’t appear to be much happening down the lane but perhaps it was still too cool to expect much. I decided to take the ‘middle’ path to the Lake as the ‘new’ path would still be in shadow. There were plenty of Meadow Pipits in the rough grass, occasionally flying up to a solitary hawthorn bush. I watched them coming and going before another bird, in the back of the bush, caught my attention. I recognised the russet tones as those of a Brambling and sure enough, when it came to sit on one of the side branches, I could confirm the id. Not my first in Felbrigg this autumn but my first in Aylmerton parish! It showed a characteristic white rump as it flew to the alders by the Lake. At that moment I glanced up to see an egret circling over the beck – a touch of déjà vu from the other morning, only this time it was only a Little Egret. Later I watched two together circling the Lake – first time I’ve seen more than one at this site – how long before they breed here I wonder? At the dam a Grey Wagtail feeding by the sluice and three Bullfinch in the nearby hedge. Two Tufted Duck were the only wildfowl interest on the Lake. Water Rail squealing from the reed bed and three Teal on the water meadow – there were nine here on Sunday. Not a bad morning’s birding.

Brambling, first of the autumn in Aylmerton parish



2 thoughts on “A Touch of Déjà vu

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed a good half hour with a cuppa and your blog. Some great photos by the way. Will keep you posted of anything we come across of interest.


  2. Delighted you enjoyed it! Spread the word and if you do see any wildlife of interest please let me know. T


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