Aylmerton Nature Diary

Harrier fly-past

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One of two distant Marsh Harriers, south over Felbrigg Park

Went for a quick walk round Felbrigg Park before the bird club meeting. Loads of winter thrushes – mostly Blackbird and Redwing but quite a few Fieldfare mixed in. I’d arrived at the bridge by the upper sluice when I heard a wagtail calling as it flew into the back of the wet meadow. I quickly located a fabulous winter male Pied Wagtail with very distinct breast and throat markings and a lovely pale lemon face. In the distant sky I could see a raptor of some sort, flapping and gliding south along the eastern perimeter of the park – juvenile/female Marsh Harrier I concluded before it was finally lost to view. Half an hour later I’d reached the rough grazing below the dam when a second bird flew through on almost the same trajectory. Two in one day – that’s pretty good by Felbrigg standards.

Stunning Pied Wagtail, with distinctive winter plumage 




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