Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 7th November

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Our dearly departed friend – Whooper Swan, Felbrigg

After a busy week and poor weather, finally managed to get out around the patch – well to Felbrigg Park at least. Nothing of interest down the lane but a pair of Bullfinch – is it just me or do they seem to be staging something of a recovery, I’m seeing them practically every time I’m around the parish and further afield too. On the way back up the lane there was a small tit flock, with a Chiffchaff calling amongst them. On the water meadow above the Lake I watched a Grey Heron catch and despatch a large rodent – too far off to identify it properly but it could have been a Water Vole. I counted nine Teal here and there was a lone male Wigeon and two Little Grebe, by way of interest, on the Lake itself. The adult and young Mute Swan, which arrived the last weekend have been pushed off the Lake onto the small pond above the water meadow, by the resident male. It was his continuos aggressive behaviour at the beginning of the year which finally put paid to our long-staying Whooper Swan. At the dam end I notice that the National Trust have replaced the old sluice gate which should allow them to regulate water levels on the Lake and, presumably on the water meadow, better now. On the return walk through the woods had good views of Marsh Tit and there was a small group of Siskin buzzing around – first time I’ve seen these for several weeks.

The new sluice at Felbrigg Lake


Male Wigeon on the Lake


Grab shot of Marsh Tit, showing the tiny white spot at the base of the bill, the ‘new’ id feature


Rainbow over the Great Wood



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