Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 11th November

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Sunrise over Felbrigg Park

Following a tip-off from a friend in the village about a Goldeneye on Felbrigg Lake yesterday afternoon, I was up at dawn to see if I could catch up with it. Despite the lovely sunrise and there being plenty of stuff around, there was no sign unfortunately of the bird in question. I did however disturb a Little Owl from the oaks near the house (a different bird from the ones near the dam I think). The four new Mute Swans (three adults and a juvenile) which arrived a week or so ago are still not being allowed on the main lake, by the ‘family from hell’, so spend their time on the water meadow, where there were also a dozen Teal. There were two pairs of Gadwall and three Canada Geese on The Lake. Great and Green Woodpecker calling, Marsh Tit in the woods and several flocks of Pink-feet flighting to their feeding grounds. I disturbed a Snipe from the rough grazing below the dam, a Common Buzzard was over Common Plantation and there were the usual Bullfinch in the hedge on the way home.

Three Canada Geese which have recently taken up residence


Slightly ‘off topic’, yesterday there was a fantastic pod of Pilot Whales off the North Norfolk coast – see my other blog for photos and story: http://www.TrevorOnTour.me


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