Aylmerton Nature Diary

Barn Owl makes the set!

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Barn Owl, Aylmerton, 12th November 2014

Yesterday, whilst trying to re-locate the Short-eared Owl for Tim & Dawn, we heard a Tawny Owl calling somewhere down in the village. In the morning I’d disturbed a Little Owl along the path to Felbrigg Lake. So this morning I set off to find Barn Owl to make it four owl species in 24 hours! I had intended to go into the park to watch the water meadows – a favourite hunting ground for Barn Owl but, just as I got to the back gate, my eye was caught by a small white object near the hedge of the rough grazing field opposite. I lifted my binoculars and sure enough it was a Barn Owl enjoying a last meal of a mouse before retiring for the day. Gradually I was able to get closer to it until it was a ‘frame filler’! Just a pity the early morning light was rather dim.

On my way back I took a quick detour up The Close to see if the Short-eared was still about and surprisingly it was. I watched it briefly come across the field from the Holt direction and drop down out of view below the line of the beet field. Despite searching it couldn’t be relocated.


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