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New Bird Club for Norfolk

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If you’re viewing this blog chances are that you’ve got a level of interest in the wildlife of Norfolk – in which case you might like to know about the creation of a brand new Bird Club, here in this bird-rich corner of Norfolk!

The North East Norfolk Bird Club (NENBC), serving the local birding communities of Melton, Briston, Holt, Sheringham, Cromer, North Walsham and Aylsham, contains within its designated recording area some of the county’s premier birding locations, together with acres of under-watched or undiscovered habitat and has played host to over 350 species. With a full programme of indoor meetings, outdoor bird walks and other social events, our aim is to bring together those people with a love and concern for birds in our area, to share knowledge and information, encourage participation in exploring our rich wildlife heritage and promote awareness of our threatened natural environment. We aim to be a sociable, inclusive and informative club, which plays a vital role in the local birding community.
If you are interested in becoming part of Norfolk’s newest birding initiative, visit our website for details or come along to our inaugural Indoor Meeting with Moss Taylor.


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