Aylmerton Nature Diary

Thursday 22nd January

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The stubble fields along Church Lane have now been ploughed and, as a consequence, were pretty bird free. A small mobile tit flock was in the bushes by Sexton’s Lodge car park and a dark-looking Buzzard flew out of the trees being harried by Crows. The water meadow remains frozen and nearly bird less but there was an obliging Water Rail in the reeds below the upper sluice and the Barn Owl was hunting through the oaks leading down to the lake. The lake itself had more to offer with usual selection of wildfowl present, including the three ‘resident’ Goldeneye, but Gadwall numbers have topped the fifty mark and Coot have dramatically increased – to three! As I walked back along School Road towards the cross I could see the Linnet flock on the over-head wires. I estimate around sixty but they are difficult to count accurately as they keep dropping to the ground to feed. Spent time until dusk along Mill Lane and the Loke looking for the Short-eared Owl which Tim reported seeing a few nights ago – presumably the same bird as before Christmas. No luck though.


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