Aylmerton Nature Diary

Wednesday 11th February

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A grab shot of a male, winter Siskin, Felbrigg Park

Made a return visit to Felbrigg Park this morning in an attempt to relocate the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, seen yesterday. A muffled ‘kicking’, as I entered through the back gate, caught my attention but I failed to locate it’s source. What I presume was the same pair of Great Spotted Woodpecker where busy drumming and chasing each other nearer the lake. Wildfowl numbers were pretty much as on previous visits – no sign of Goldeneye but the female Wigeon has returned. Mistle Thrush were singing and nest site prospecting in the wood west of the lake, a small flock of Siskin were feeding in the Alders by the screen – my first in Felbrigg this year and a Marsh Tit gave very close views. A small flock of Greenfinch were at the top of the Ash tree walking back up the lane.


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