Aylmerton Nature Diary

Saturday 21st February

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Reed Bunting, winter – Felbrigg Park

Managed to get out early morning, before the weather went off the boil. Plenty of activity down the lane including a small flock of seven Greenfinch in the old oak and a female Bullfinch near the NT Estates yard. The regular Buzzard flew up into the trees as I entered the back gate. Water levels remain very high on the water meadow but at least there were plenty of duck using it for a change – Mallard, Teal and Gadwall were all present, along with Moorhen and a single Snipe. There were also plenty of wildfowl on the lake – all the usual stuff, including the recently arrived pair of Shoveler and an increased number of Mute Swan – there are now eighteen. Around the lake Great Spotted Woodpecker were drumming and chasing each other, the small flock of Siskin were feeding in the Alders and Nuthatch and Marsh Tit were hanging around by the screen. There was a single Woodcock in Common Plantation and another Buzzard near the Metton road. A Reed Bunting – first I’ve seen for weeks, and a couple more Snipe in the rough grazing was about the lot for the park. Mammal interest included a Muntjac, which I disturbed in the woods – it then did a complete circuit of the fields before re-entering the woods and a Hare in the rough grazing field.

Common Buzzard, near the Metton road


Fleeing Muntjac – it’s long white under-tail just visible. Rather like a fat-bellied fox.


Mute Swan over the water meadows



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