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They’re back..!

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 Female Mandarin, Felbrigg Lake – 9th March

Took a walk down to Felbrigg Lake this afternoon in the hope of finding the Shelduck which flew over my head this morning at the allotment. No success with the Shelduck but, after nearly a years absence, the Mandarin are back! I initially saw a lone female from the screen, sat out on a tree trunk, but as I watched, first a male appeared and then a second pair. They soon vanished however into the dense lake-side vegetation.

Other birds of interest on the lake included two, of the four Pochard, reported on Saturday and 38 Tufted Duck. Numbers of Gadwall are now down to about a dozen, with the same number of Teal. There are two pairs of Coot. Marsh Tit and Nuthatch were present in their usual spot near the screen and the Great Spotted Woodpecker were still displaying and drumming.

First, a lone female, then a pair and then..


Two pairs of these exquisite ducks – back after nearly a years absence!



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