Aylmerton Nature Diary

Wednesday 18th March

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Today was the NENBC mid-week walk around Felbrigg. Twenty two people, of mixed levels of birding ability, turned out for what proved to be a very good event indeed. A total of fifty three species were identified, with the highlights being three Little Owl, a small flock of Siskin, a pair of very obliging Mandarin Duck and prolonged views of  both Treecreeper & Nuthatch. However, the best bird came right at the end, when most people had left the NT cafe after enjoying morning coffee together. We were just on our way home past the main Hall when I noticed a small bird flitting amongst the chimney pots – a superb male Black Redstart! A different bird from the one recently at the allotments – much darker on the front and with more striking white wing flashes. I spoke to one of the Trust workers who said it had been around for two weeks! I returned after lunch to obtain some record shots:

IMG_6220 IMG_6191


On my way back to the Hall, a Barn Owl was hunting in broad day-light over the rough meadow at the bottom of The Street.


A terrible photo because, in my excitement, I’d got the camera on the wrong setting – oh well!


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