Aylmerton Nature Diary

Easter Weekend

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Green Sandpiper, Felbrigg water meadow

We’ve had family over for the holiday weekend so I’ve got a bit behind with the blog. I did manage to get out on Sunday evening to check on the Green Sandpiper on Felbrigg water meadow. Despite not being reported during the day, I was pleased to see that it was still present and showing well. As were the Mandarin duck for a change, where a pair were out in clear water, just off the dam. The biggest surprise however came whilst looking at these fabulous ducks – we’re so lucky that they visit us here at Felbrigg, a bat was out patrolling the edge of the lake, in broad day light! It appeared to be feeding/drinking and several times flew to a nearby tree to rest and ‘preen’. I said when I started this blog that I was fascinated by all aspects of natural history but that I still had much to learn – how true that’s proved to be in my pathetic attempts to identify the little creature! I really have no idea – the best I could come up with is Daubenton’s but, as always, if anyone can assist me in naming the species, I’d be very grateful.




I had a quick look in the park yesterday morning – no sign of the Green Sandpiper, but the Mandarin were display flighting. No other migrants noted.

A pair of Mandarin – ‘showing well’



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