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Six Thrush sp. before Breakfast!

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Ring Ouzel – all six British thrushes before breakfast!

I was up early to check if the male Ring Ouzel was still in Felbrigg Park. As I walked down the lane there was a Song Thrush eating worms on the road and several Blackbird in the paddock by the allotment track. As I got near to the back gate a flock of ten Fieldfare flew over. I spent some time looking for the Ring Ouzel, where we’d left it last night – in the hawthorns north of the water meadow. Alas there was no sign so I decided to check the lake for the odd Aythya. As I got to the gate by the warren a male Ring Ouzel whizzed by me and appeared to drop onto the field behind the gorse. Again, I looked but couldn’t find the bird and then it appeared over the skyline, being chased by a male Blackbird, and landed atop a hawthorn at the western edge of the water meadow. Whilst I was watching it a Mistle Thrush flew onto the ground in front of the shelter belt. I returned again to the lake to get better shots of the hybrid Tufted x Ferruginous (following overnight comments and better views, this now seems a more plausible identification) and on my way back home I watched a large group of thrushes land on the field between the lake and the church. Amongst the seventy or so Fieldfare were a couple of Redwing – all six regular British Thrush species before breakfast!

Other birds of interest included a Barn Owl hunting through the shelter belt, two Shelduck which just flew through, a pair of Mandarin, four Snipe, two male Reed Bunting, three Lapwing and a pair of Shoveler.

When I got home and checked, it turns out that Ring Ouzel was my 100th species recorded in the parish since I started this blog back in September. A nice bird to bring up the century!



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