Aylmerton Nature Diary

Thursday 16th April

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Adult male Ring Ouzel – one of three birds present on NENBC mid-week walk

Yesterday my neighbour came round before breakfast to say that they’d heard a Cuckoo at Felbrigg, whilst out walking their dogs. Just my luck as I’d decided not to go out first thing, as I was leading the NENBC mid-week walk later in the day! Not surprisingly, when we did get out in the park, there was no sign or sound of it. We did however enjoy a good walk – 22 people in total, and saw some really good birds. The highlights being Red Kite with a group of four Buzzard, a pair of Mandarin on the lake, Snipe on the water meadow and, best of all, Ring Ouzel. I was doubtful about our prospects of seeing Ring Ouzel, as it had been nearly a week since it was first reported. We had a good look on our way down to the lake but saw nothing. On our return across the sluice one of our sharp-eyed group members saw a male Ring Ouzel on the grass bank, east of the water meadow. As we watched, another young, browner, male appeared. Finally, as we walked along the top track, attempting to get better views, a female flew and perched in a hawthorn bush. Three Ring Ouzel at Felbrigg – it doesn’t get much better than that!

I’ve just come back this morning from an early morning walk. Both male Ring Ouzel are still present – that’s a whole week they’ve been here. Other birds of interest on the lake included the pair of Shelduck, two pairs of Mandarin, ten Tufted Duck and six Gadwall.

Great-spotted Woodpecker, male – taken at dawn, Felbrigg park


Pair of Shelduck, Felbrigg water meadow



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