Aylmerton Nature Diary

May Day

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Firecrest are a scarce breeding bird in Norfolk and rare in Britain as a whole. Fortunately for us the Cromer Ridge is one of it’s strong-holds, a good stretch of which lies within the Aylmerton parish boundary. I’ve had several reports of singing birds in the area over the past couple of weeks, so today I decided to attempt to find them within Felbrigg Park. I walked up through the Great Wood until I came across suitable habitat and it wasn’t long before I heard a singing bird! It eventually came close enough to obtain some acceptable grab-shots in the dark under-canopy.

Firecrest – Felbrigg Park


I carried on my walk down through the woods towards the lake and heard the unmistakeable jumbled rattle of a Common Whitethroat in a bramble patch, close to the footpath. On the water meadow, the pair of Egyptian Geese are still the proud parents of five youngsters. Around the Warren there were three Wheatear, one male and two females. I crossed the bridge and headed for home through the shelter belt, not really expecting to see Ring Ouzel. I’d reached the paddock north of the water meadow before I eventually saw a male, first feeding in the open and then later sat in the hawthorn. I reached the back gate when a group of birders from Sussex, who I’d met earlier, were just parking up. I was able to relocate the Ring Ouzel for them, by now feeding out on the paddock again. They seemed well pleased!

Common Whitethroat


Egyptian Geese, with five young


Male Wheatear, one of three around The Warren


Earlier in the afternoon, as I walker along Church Lane, I watched the Barn Owl hunting over the fields towards Sexton’s Lodge.



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