Aylmerton Nature Diary

Wednesday 13th May

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Bright sunny morning with no wind – a good prospect for some birding action in Felbrigg. A slow walk round the top path to the lake, passed the water meadow, produced very little. I was pleased to see that the Egyptian Geese have managed to hang on to four young and the resident pair of Canada Geese were joined by four more visitors. There are now several pairs of Reed Bunting around the reed bed, as well as several singing Reed Warbler. As I stood on the bridge, warming myself in the sunshine, I noticed a small bird fly out and back from a distant oak. Something about it said ‘flycatcher’ but the bird quickly disappeared and I was left none the wiser. I approached the area and after a brief wait a bird flew out of the oak and into a nearby bush, ‘yes’.. it was a.. female Reed Bunting! I persevered and finally the tell-tale silhouette of a Spotted Flycatcher appeared high up in the canopy. I watched it for ten minutes or so before obtaining an acceptable grab shot.


Spotted Flycatcher are a scarce if not rare breeding bird in Norfolk now, so it’s nice to see it back in Felbrigg. Lets hope it finds a mate.



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