Aylmerton Nature Diary

Thursday 28th May

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 Roe Deer being watched by a Fox

Sorry folks for the lack of recent postings – been tied up with family and things. This mornings walk got off to a good start with a Fox and two Roe Deer in the rough grazing field down the lane. In Felbrigg Park the usual birds were on the water meadow. Nice to see that the Egyptian Geese still have four youngsters and there are at least two broods of Moorhen chicks. The Lapwing appears to still be sitting. On the Lake the Mute Swans have got four of their original five cygnets, two of which appear to be ‘polish’, suggesting that the parents are descendants of the original pair – the male of which died over the winter. Managed to get reasonable close-ups of a Treecreeper near the screen.

The only other sightings of note over the last few days, observed whilst out with the family, include a Little Grebe and the return of the Ferruginous x Tufted Duck, on the Lake.

Four Mute Swan cygnets – two appear to be ‘polish’





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