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Horse Leech – I think? – Felbrigg 

Yesterday, after an energetic mornings work with the Aylmerton Pond Project, I spent the afternoon in Felbrigg Park looking for dragonflies and butterflies. It took me an hour to walk about 200 yds., once I got to Sexton’s Lodge. The grass verges and hedges were just buzzing (literally!) with insects. I saw my first White Admiral of the season, high up in the nearby oaks, but alas, too far away to photograph. There were plenty of Migrant Hawker, Common Darter and Brown Hawker providing photographic challenges aplenty! I had an delicious ice cream at the cafe before entering the walled garden where, last year, someone told me there were Small Red-eyed Damselfly – so I thought I’d check it out. There were only a couple of damselflies on the ornamental pond – both, on close inspection, appeared to be my target species. There was also a fabulous female Emperor. At the Lake, another Brown Hawker and more Red-eyed & Common Blue Damselfly – and a rather splendid Leech! Other butterflies of note included, several Holly Blue – presumably from a second emergence, Essex Skipper, Green-veined and Large White.

A selection of insect pics:

Essex Skipper


Male Common Darter


Female Migrant Hawker


Small Red-eyed Damselfly


Female Emperor



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