Aylmerton Nature Diary

Ruddy Darters!

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Female Ruddy Darter, Felbrigg water meadow

Spent Sunday afternoon doing a slow walk around the south and west of the parish, ending up inevitably at Felbrigg Park. A couple of days ago I’d seen a medium sized ‘red’ dragonfly by the sluice. It didn’t quite look right for Common Darter but the views were brief and as a relative beginner with these things I had to let it go. So I returned to the sluice in the hope that it would put in another appearance. As I approached the bridge, I noticed a female Common Darter-like dragonfly, resting on the timber fence rail. It stayed long enough to photograph and, although I had my suspicions at the time, I was able to identify it at home as a female Ruddy Darter. Whilst I was standing on the bridge, a male ‘red darter’ landed briefly on the reeds in front of me, to the north of the sluice, before almost immediately flying off. A quick view through binoculars and a very hasty snap confirmed that this was indeed a male Ruddy Darter – my first for Felbrigg and the parish.

A poor grab shot of male Ruddy Darter





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