Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday evening – Pied Flycatcher ‘comes home to roost’!

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Juvenile-type Pied Flycatcher, Park Farm, Aylmerton

I was just having my tea when the phone rang. It was Tim with the news that he and Dawn had found a juvenile-type Pied Flycatcher at Park Farm, together with a family of Spotted Flycatcher. I grabbed my camera and binoculars and headed off in their direction. I met them along the road, talking to NENBC club President, Phil and his wife. We arrived at the farm and in no time at all the Pied Flycatcher appeared, flitting around the bushes in the garden, dropping to the grass verge to feed on flying ants and eventually showing well in the farm yard. I put in a call to other Aylmerton birder Lee, who cycled down and was duly rewarded.

Pied Flycatcher is the North East Norfolk Bird Club emblem – partly because of it’s regular occurrence along our coastline as an autumn migrant, but mostly because of the only successful breeding attempt of the species in Norfolk, in Felbrigg Park, back in 1978! So a truly fitting record for the club in it’s first year of existence and an Aylmerton parish tick for me. Thanks T&D!

Grab shot, in fading light



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