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Saturday 26th September – beating the bounds

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As part of my AND (Aylmerton Nature Diary blog) ‘1st Birthday’ celebration I decided this afternoon to ‘beat the bounds’ – walk the parish boundary by using the roads, paths and woodland trails which keep as near to the boundary as possible. Although I have walked most parts of it previously, I’ve never done it all in one go before. It took me about three hours, from start to finish – a total distance of 12k.

Having entered the Felbrigg estate I headed through the Old Deer Park towards the western arm of the Victory V avenue, then north to cross the A148, turning left and followed Tower Road to Sandy Lane. Down Camp Lane to Roman Camp NT and Beacon Hill, 338ft above sea level and the highest point in the county. I then followed the line of the Cromer Ridge along a series of woodland paths as far as the quarry on Briton’s Lane, turned south to recross the A148 and down Bennington’s Lane, before turning left on to Mill Lane and up to the village cross. I then followed School Road as far as the Field Study Centre before re-entering Felbrigg Park at Keeper’s Cottage, following the Weaver’s Way through Common Plantation and down to Scarrow Beck. Finally, having crossed the stream, I headed up past the Lake to complete my journey along the path to the Old Deer Park.

Bird interest included Bullfinch in several spots, a number of Siskin flocks, singing Chiffchaff, a kettle of five Buzzard and a flock of about twenty Tufted Duck on the Lake.

Looking  across the Old Deer Park towards the Victory V Avenue


Beech trees in Felbrigg Great Wood


Conifers along the Cromer Ridge


A view to the sea from Beacon Hill


Newly re-created heathland, along the Cromer Ridge


Shady pool


The quarry on Briton’s Lane


Along Bennington’s Lane, heading south


Junction of Bennington’s and Mill Lane


Looking west to Gresham and beyond


The Village Cross and the entrance to Mill Lane


Scarrow Beck, looking upstream towards Felbrigg Lake


The Lake





One thought on “Saturday 26th September – beating the bounds

  1. Cracking day for it photographs to inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Thanks for sharing.


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