Aylmerton Nature Diary

Thursday 8th October


I was out cleaning the car this morning when the guys from up the road came to tell me about an interesting moth they’d found. I grabbed my camera and went to see. Wow! a splendid Convolvulus Hawk Moth ( thanks James for the id!)


Insects, rather than birds, were most in evidence when I took a brief stroll around the park just before lunch. There were several Speckled Wood, two Small Copper, a late Hornet, a number of Common Darter, male Migrant Hawker and what I’m pretty sure was an Emperor. Bird interest was mostly confined to wildfowl. The Great Crested Grebe is still present, along with 38 Tufted Duck, a handful of Gadwall and lone Shoveler and Wigeon. The Little Owl had moved back to the oak tree along the dam.

Male Common Darter


Male Migrant Hawker



2 thoughts on “Thursday 8th October

  1. Hi, your moth is a Convolvulus Hawk Moth rather than Privet Hawk Moth. It sounds like this year has been a good one for them, although I’m yet to see one. Regards, James.


  2. Thanks James – grateful for the correct ID.


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