Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 9th October

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I’d just finished cutting the grass at the allotment and returned home for a well-earned cuppa, when I noticed a ‘tweet’ from Simon, reporting Bearded Tit at Felbrigg! I grabbed my bins and camera and headed in the direction of the Lake. Luckily Simon was still there and was able to fill me in on the detail. Eventually, after hearing a couple of muffled ‘pings’ coming from the south east corner of the reed bed, we eventually saw a youngster moving low through the vegetation. A male was in the reeds a bit further back and an occasional distant call seemed to indicate a possible third bird – maybe a family party! This was a Felbrigg ‘first’ for me (only the second record ever, which I can find) and, obviously an AND ‘tick’ also. Nice one Simon, thanks.


A rather poor shot, taken in failing light, Felbrigg Lake – appears to show a female. 


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