Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 20th October

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Taking advantage of the sunshine, I went for a walk in Felbrigg Park this afternoon. There were a few winter thrushes down the lane but few other little birds. On the Lake the number of Tufted Duck appears to have peaked – I could only see about two dozen. The female Shoveler is still present though, along with ten or more Gadwall. I met Simon, who told me he thought he’d heard Bearded Tit in the reed bed again but hadn’t seen anything. I took a stroll across the rough grazing meadow below the dam, in the hope of turning up a Stonechat but three Common Snipe was the best I could do. I’d just settled in for a stint at the reed bed when Simon called to say he’d got a Yellow-browed Warbler near the ‘ice pond’. I hurried up there and heard it calling¬†strongly almost immediately. It took a while to get respectable views, high up in the canopy of a Sycamore tree. It called and showed periodically over the next hour or so, but never offered itself up for photos. These grab shots were the best of a bad bunch:



Yellow-browed Warbler, Felbrigg Park



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