Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 6th November

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It was getting dark when I ventured out this afternoon after it had stopped raining. The ducks on the lake were already going through their night-time routines by the time I got down there. Pleased to see that the two male Pochard are back but, alas, no sign of the Goldeneye from earlier in the week. All the usual wildfowl were present but the Tufted Duck numbers have dropped to around two dozen again and there was a ‘stranger’ Mute Swan on the water meadow, along with a dozen Teal. Whilst watching the latter from the bridge over the sluice I became aware of a loud ‘ticking’ from the reed-bed side of the path. It was the Cetti’s Warbler again, gradually making it’s way along the Poplar saplings, which line that section of the path, towards the gate. A Little Owl started calling from the direction of the ‘hollow oak’ along the central path and, rather surprisingly, a Buzzard flew over the water meadow towards the Great Wood. As I walked home there was a chorus of Tawny Owl – at least four, calling from all directions! My final wildlife surprise of the evening was a fairly hefty looking bat, patrolling up and down The Street, between Sawmill Cottage and the village. Presumably as a result of the incredibly unseasonal weather we’re having?


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