Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday 15th November



Record shot of ‘out of area’ Hoopoe, Crostwick

We’ve got Jake, Katie and ‘little man’ Noah staying with us this weekend, so birding has been limited. We did manage a short walk around Felbrigg Park yesterday in the rain but unfortunately the bird we wanted to see – the Glossy Ibis, was at the far end of the park and quite beyond the reach of the buggy.

This morning we went to Sheringham for a walk along the prom and were pleased to find a single Purple Sandpiper on the rocks, east of the Funky Mackerel cafe. Back for lunch and then off to see if we could track down the Hoopoe, which has been hanging around Crostwick (less than a couple of miles outside the NENBC boundary!). Despite the location, horse paddocks completely surrounded by houses, we did manage reasonable views, standing on an up-turned crate, looking over a 6′ fence. On the way there we tracked down the family party of Bewick’s Swan just outside Aylsham and, this time, well within the NENBC area.

Once back at home we decided to have another try for the Ibis. Jake and I went down to the Lake, where the two Goldeneye are still present, and across the dam, to view the muddy track across Scarrow Beck. Sure enough the Glossy Ibis was there, busily feeding. We watched it until it was getting dark, when finally it flew towards the Lake and we managed to relocate it roosting in the Cormorant tree. On the way back home we saw the Barn Owl quartering the water meadow and two Tawny Owl calling to each other near the back gate. Not a bad ‘non-birding’ day !


2 thoughts on “Sunday 15th November

  1. Nice for Rob and I to meet you this afternoon , Trevor. As I mentioned I have been very regularly following your blog since March, so it was good to finally put a face to the author šŸ™‚ Nice to share the juvenile Glossy Ibis too šŸ™‚ A British Tick for Rob and I ( last seen in Portugal, in adult form, this February ) . Best wishes, Carol


    • Hi Carol, Likewise – good to meet someone who actually looks at my blog! Felbrigg is such a great place to bird, I feel very privileged living on the doorstep. I do hope you make it to one of the NENBC Felbrigg mid-week walks. Trevor


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