Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 17th November

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Glossy Ibis, Felbrigg Park – at first light

A posting on the NENBC website yesterday concerning Goosander at Selbrigg Pond was all that was needed to ensure I was down there for dawn. Sure enough, as it began to get light, I could just make out the form of two Goosanders. As the light improved I could see that both were males, which promptly took off and headed in a south-easterly direction. In the vague hope that they might end up at Felbrigg, I headed there next. I parked by Keeper’s Lodge, walked through Common Plantation and down to the Lake. Unfortunately the only wildfowl interest was in the shape of the two immature Goldeneye and a pair of Mandarin – but no Goosander. I carried on over the dam and looked back over the rough grazing meadow, delighted to see that the Glossy Ibis was ‘up and about’ – feeding in it’s usual spot, on the muddy track across Scarrow Beck.

I was busy for the rest of the morning helping with a job on the church flagpole and had a Bird Club meeting this afternoon. It was beginning to get dark this evening when I headed down towards Felbrigg Park to check on the Ibis. A pair of Muntjac were along the lane towards the Forge, and there were six Mandarin on the Lake, as I approached from the water meadow. At this point I bumped into Simon and his Dad who were already staking out the roost. They told me that the Glossy Ibis hadn’t been seen since lunchtime but that there had been a male Goosander during the afternoon – which had now disappeared – gnash! There was some recompense when I located the Glossy Ibis in the roost at ten past four. I’m hoping that it will still be around over the next couple of days when I’ve got bird walks for the NENBC and National Trust!



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