Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 20th November

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Canada Goose, Felbrigg Lake – is it my imagination or does this look a little on the small side?

With a ‘no show’ of the Glossy Ibis at the roost last night, we were up early to see if, by any chance, it had slipped in undetected. The Cormorants were already leaving their perches as we approached at around half past seven. There was no sign of the bird so we decided to check out it’s known feeding spots – no luck here either. After a week in residence, I think it may now have departed – what a pity. Plenty of small birds about including several Siskin, Bullfinch and Nuthatch as well as a group of five Fieldfare flying over. Three Buzzard were over Common Plantation, including a rather pale ‘continental type’ bird with pale underparts, upper wing panels and upper tail coverts. There were plenty of Pink-feet flying to their feeding grounds. On the Lake, the usual selection of commoner species, though no sign of the Goldeneye or Mandarin but two Canada Geese were present. Is it just my imagination or do they look a little on the small side?


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