Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday 22nd November

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Siberian Chiffchaff – Felbrigg Park

Despite the forecast of ‘cloudy & overcast’, it was actually pouring down by the time we got into the Park this morning. We made our way down to the Lake just as the Cormorants started leaving their roost – I counted 26 in total. Neil noticed a duck sp flying off, it was a male Goosander, which did a circuit of the Lake before heading off to the north west.  There was the usual selection of wildfowl including a single Little Grebe and a pair of Mandarin. There’s a noticeable increase in the number of Blackbirds about, we counted at least 25. A flock of 9 Golden Plover flew over the sheep fields as we approached the track behind the church. As we headed towards the Great Wood, a small pale bird got up from the dead nettles at the side of the track and flew into the nearby Sycamore. A quick look through the bins and it was obviously a ‘Phyllos’. Chiffchaff came to mind, but this bird was way too pale – washed-out buff below and greyish-brown above with noticeable green fringes to the wings and tail, a hint of a wing mark, clean, thin buff ‘super’, dirty cheeks and black bill and legs. As we watched, it flew back down to the side of the track to feed several times – giving excellent views, albeit in very overcast/dark conditions. It called just a couple of times, a soft chirp-like noise. Pretty confident that this was a Siberian Chiffchaff and another possible ‘first’ for Felbrigg? Unfortunately photography was virtually impossible as it got darker and started to hail!

A couple more record shots:




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