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The Last Post…

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Common Buzzard with ‘wrap around’ white under tail coverts – giving a passing impression of Rough-legged.

This is indeed my last post on AylmertonNatureDiary for 2015 and also my last for some time as we’re about to depart on another birding adventure, the events of which you can follow on TrevorOnTour. In the meantime I’m hoping that Jake, my youngest son, will fill this ‘blog spot’ with his occasional birding forays around Felbrigg.

For my final walk this morning the weather was again unseasonably warm, reflected in unusually spring-like behaviour of the birds. Stock Dove and Nuthatch were ‘singing’ from the shelter belt and the Barn Owl was hunting over the water meadow. I stood at the top sluice for 15 minutes or so, listening to the occasional ‘clicking’ call of the Cetti’s Warbler, which seems now to be over-wintering. There were a couple Siskin and a pair of Marsh Tit around the screen and another by the back gate. On the lake itself, the usual variety of wildfowl including Mallard, Teal, Tufted, Gadwall and the female Goldeneye. The pair of Egyptian Geese were engaged in courtship behaviour, perching and calling from the dead tree by the dam wall. A dark phase Common Buzzard was flying around the edge of the Deer Park – it’s white under-tail coverts giving a poor imitation of a Rough-legged Buzzard! On the way back up the lane the usual pair of Bullfinch were present, along with a Linnet.

If the long-range weather pundits are to be believed this unseasonable spell is due to come to a halt by the end of January, bringing some proper winter weather! It’ll be interesting to see how the seasons have progressed by the time I return….

Bye for now.


One thought on “The Last Post…

  1. Have a good holiday Trevor. Where are you off to on your travels? Hopefully the next time that Rob and I see you at Felbrigg, we will again be watching another glossy ibis !! 😉 . Best wishes, Rob and Carol Baldock ( nee Rushton)


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