Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday 21st February

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Four Pochard – The Lake, Felbrigg Park

Took my first walk of 2016 around the parish and Felbrigg Park this afternoon, having spent the last eight weeks visiting family in Australia and birding in northern Thailand. My thanks go to Jake, my youngest son, for managing to make a couple of wildlife posting to this site before full-time employment got in the way of things!

Felbrigg is very wet under foot at the moment but there were plenty of birds about. In a two hour walk I was pleased to find 45 species, including Marsh Tit, Wigeon, Pochard and Barn Owl.

However, I was less pleased to find that one of the best woodland areas on the Felbrigg estate for wintering Woodcock was surrounded by what I assume were shooting markers. I’m not sure what the National Trust position is on shooting this species (which is, as I understand it, still perfectly legal from 1st October to 31st January… if completely insane!) but I’ll ask my contact at the Trust next time I see him.

Marker, adjacent to wintering Woodcock site – Felbrigg


I also came across this advert on the internet for a company specialising in  hunting Woodcock:

Welcome to Woodcock Hunting – We are a small company specialising in helping hunters track down the elusive and wily Woodcock. I am your host, Bob Glynn.

The Woodcock is small and fast and breaks very late when disturbed. At short range they challenge your reactions, at medium range then they challenge your accuracy and aim. They are without doubt, worth the challenge, and will put a smile on your face.

Here’s that smile…


and here’s the bag!




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