Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 26th February

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I had an early morning meeting with Richard at the National Trust Estate Office at the bottom of The Street. As I got to the end of the houses I heard a bugling-like call, somewhere in the sky above me. I looked up to see first one, and then two, Whooper Swan, flying towards me low over the rough grazing meadow. They followed the line of Scarrow Beck before I lost sight of them over the village. I assumed that they were yesterday’s birds and that they must have roosted on Felbrigg Lake overnight.

Surmising that they might return to roost, I took a turn around the lake late afternoon. Sure enough when I arrived at the viewing screen, there they both were. The surprising thing was that there was no sign of the Mute Swan family, who had given them such a hard time the day before. Nonetheless they were still pretty skittish and kept swimming to the furthest point of the lake, away from me. I was also delighted to see the pair of Mandarin roosting on an old tree stump on the western edge of the lake.



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