Aylmerton Nature Diary

Thursday 3rd March

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Red Kite over Felbrigg Park

After yesterday’s heavy rain and hail it was good to get out for a walk in the morning sunshine. A Green Woodpecker was ‘yaffling’ as I entered the back gate into Felbrigg Park. I paused on the path above the water meadow – I suspect that the water levels are now the highest they’ve been all winter. A couple of Snipe were roosting along the edge and the male Wigeon was dabbling about with Teal. I could see that the two Whooper Swans were still on the lake – they’ve now been here over a week. A couple of times they took flight, first when disturbed by a low-flying aeroplane and then when a dog-walker came by, but they soon returned. The male Pochard was still with the Tufted flock, but no sign of the TuftedxFerruginous hybrid, any Mute Swans or Mandarin. I walked the rough meadow looking for Snipe sp. – found only Common but several of them. As I got back to the dam wall a flock of ten flew from the field to the water meadow. I guess there might have been 16-18 birds in total. It’ll be interesting to see if any of them hang around into spring. A Red Kite drifted over my head and a pair of Mistle Thrush were busy chasing each other. I finished off with a walk through the Great Wood where I managed to find two singing Firecrest in their traditional breeding area – fingers crossed.

Whooper Swan – present  for over a week now


Other wildlife interest came in the form of three Roe Deer


Two of  16-18 Snipe, water meadows and rough grazing below the dam



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