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Felbrigg Park Breeding Bird Survey

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Whitethroat, Felbrigg Park

In 1997 local birder Moss Taylor carried out a baseline survey of the breeding birds of Felbrigg Park. Twenty years on and we’re about to repeat  the exercise.

During April and May of that year, Moss made frequent early morning visits to the park and recorded the breeding bird activity he observed. His study found 59 species breeding in Felbrigg, and he categorised his results as follows (taken from the original report):

Felbrigg_Park_BBS_-_Methodology 2


With grateful acknowledgement: Moss Taylor ‘Birds of Felbrigg Park’

Starting in a few weeks time, a team of volunteers, mostly from North East Norfolk Bird Club, will repeat the survey. It will be interesting to see how the breeding birds of the park have changed over the intervening 20 years and whether those changes are in line with national trends or are more localised. Our results will help inform local National Trust estate management strategies and actions for the future. If all goes, well we aim to continue the survey, at more regular intervals, to monitor the changing fortunes of the park’s rich and varied birdlife.

I’ll be bringing you the highlights of our survey via this blog, as it progresses.


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