Aylmerton Nature Diary

Wednesday 23rd March

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Lapwing engaged in ariel antics above the water meadow

They’re back! Lapwing displaying over the water meadow in Felbrigg this morning. Now all we need is to get the dogs and cattle under control, the water levels lower and stable, and then there might be a possibility of successful breeding this year. Let’s hope so!

Also on the walk this morning, a pair of Mandarin flew from the lake towards the Old Deer Park and a pair of Oystercatcher headed in the direction of Felbrigg village. A dark looking Buzzard cruised through the shelter-belt, a Water Rail was squealing from the reed bed, Siskin flew over the Alders and there were Snipe and a pair of Gadwall still on the water meadow. The male Pochard seems to have gone now – I didn’t see it yesterday or this morning, and there was no sight or sound of Chiffchaff around the village either, though there were two Roe Deer in the rough pasture.

Two Oystercatcher, head towards Felbrigg village


A much less common sight than it once was – a singing Starling in Aylmerton village

IMG_3493 (1)




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