Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 8th April

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Male Redstart – Felbrigg lake

I’ve been busy most of the day but did manage a quick walk out in the early evening sunshine. A couple of Siskin were in the neighbours Silver Birch tree, as I started down The Street. As I got to the edge of the village there was a brief song-burst from, what I assume was, yesterday’s Blackcap and the distinctive low ‘pew’ of Bullfinch. I headed straight for the lake, where there was a resplendent male Mandarin Duck, roosting on the bank. Hawking over the lake were a dozen Sand Martin and a couple of Swallow. I was approaching the end of the dam, near the sluice, when I noticed a slim passerine sat in the outer branches of an over-hanging oak. A quick look through the binoculars and, bingo – a lovely male Redstart!  This could be the same bird which Lee had on Tuesday – if so, where’s it been hiding? I watched it for ten minutes or so flying down to the ground to feed. Excellent!

More photos of this excellent bird




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