Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday 10th April

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One of two Wheatear, Felbrigg Park

A heavy dew, with the remains of a few frost pockets, were evident as I walked down The Street this morning. Despite the constant rain yesterday and a bright clear start, there were few new birds in evidence. Just the usual yaffling Green Woodpeckers by the back gate and towards Sexton’s Lodge, a couple of Chiffchaff and a Kestrel. Two Barn Owl were hunting over the water meadow and there was the usual group of duck, including the recently arrived Shoveler – now two pairs. Three Snipe were roosting along the edge and the Little Grebe was ‘singing’ from somewhere nearby. Nothing of particular note on the lake and no sign of the Redstart along the dam wall. I decided to take a stroll up the Weaver’s Way, in the hope of Wheatear on the top fields – Ken & Carol having reported one there on Tuesday. I got to the muck heap and started scanning. A slim silhouette flew through my vision, across the ploughed and newly seeded field – Wheatear. And then a second! This is a regular but scarce spring migrant in the park – always nice to see though, away from the coastal belt. As I passed by the water meadow, on my return, three Lapwing were displaying – a very encouraging sign. Walking up the lane, on my way home, the first evidence of breeding in the form, unfortunately, of a dead chick – Blackbird I think, on the road!

Distant shot of the two Wheatear together this morning


Robin in full song – Spring is definitely with us!


..and, unfortunately, so is the first casualty!

IMG_1111 (1)



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