Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 19th April

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IMG_1135 2

Early morning sun over the water meadow, Felbrigg

The lull in Spring migration continues. Despite the calm, warm morning there was nothing new on my walk around the lake. I was surprised to find though a pair of Gadwall and three Snipe on the temporary pool in the field above the water meadow. There were two more pairs of Gadwall on the lake, along with 17 Tufted Duck and the usual Mallard, Coot, Moorhen, Mute Swan and Canada Geese. Sitting on a fence post below the dam, by Scarrow Beck, was the very pale Buzzard I’ve been seeing in the area for the past few weeks. In looked even paler in the bright morning sunlight and rather greyish on the upper parts, before it flew up into Common Plantation and was lost to view. Several Marsh Tit were along the western edge of the lake, where a rather odd burst of sub-song caught my attention. It sounded rather like a Garden Warbler but as these are scarce in our area I decided to track it down. Eventually the bird revealed itself as a male Blackcap – as I had suspected, but the song was a little different from usual. Over in the reed bed a couple of Reed Bunting were busy setting up territory and the Barn Owl was hunting along the edge of the water meadow. No sign this morning of any Shoveler.

Reed Bunting, establishing territory in the reed bed


The very pale Buzzard, seen around the area over the past few weeks


Marsh Tit, one of several birds along the western edge of Felbrigg Lake


Song Thrush doesn’t feature often in this blog but, as John remarked this morning, there does seem to have been a bit of an increase lately. This one was photographed in a neighbours garden 



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