Aylmerton Nature Diary

Saturday 28th May

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One of possibly four male Mandarin, Felbrigg Lake

It’s been a glorious day and as I’ve been preoccupied with family and other things, an evening walk around the park seemed a good idea. The baby Tawny Owl were still present in the same few trees along the shelter belt. We only found three tonight. At the lake there were two male Mandarin roosting on the islands by the viewing screen. As we walked along the dam there was a male near the bottom sluice and, as we approached The Warren, another by Boat House Bay. It’s possible that the original two quickly left the roost and flew across to the other side of the lake, as we made our way along the western shore, or there may be up to four males now present. We had the same discussion during the NENBC club walk the other evening – only time will tell.

Two of the juvenile Tawny Owl, still much in evidence along the shelter belt


P.S. Congratulations to Ken & Carol who saw twenty Black-tailed Godwit flying over the lake this morning. Only the second record of this species in the park, that I am aware of!


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