Aylmerton Nature Diary

Wednesday 1st June

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Newly fledged brood of five Mute Swan, Felbrigg Lake

‘Flaming June’ – I think not!

On Sunday I walked back from Blickling Hall to home, along the Weaver’s Way, with some of the younger members of the family. Nice walk, but little of note in the way of wildlife. Monday was ‘duty day’ at Cley where the highlights included immature Little Gull, Knot, Bar-tailed Godwit and Greenshank. Yesterday was a complete write-off, weather-wise, so this morning was the first time I’ve been out ‘nature watching’ for a few days.

The weather was again cool with mist and showers – but what would you expect on the first day of June! There was a Whitethroat singing on the edge of the Deer Park and the Lapwing were displaying over the water meadow. Reed Warblers were singing in the reed bed and I was surprised to find that the Mute Swan have, after several false-starts,¬†finally produced a brood of five youngsters. They all looked a typical mid-grey colour, with no obvious ‘Polish’ candidates amongst them. No sign of Mandarin or Garganey on the lake but there was a female Gadwall (no young though, as reported by Simon a couple of days ago) and the pair of Tufted Duck. A rather bedraggled Barn Owl flew over the lake and in the corner, by the lower sluice, an equally damp looking Little Owl. They must be finding it very difficult to keep any youngsters they might have alive in this weather. I noticed that there’s a newly-built Coots nest right in the middle of the lake! I looked for the Spotted Flycatcher in the shelter belt on my return home, but without success.

A rather bedraggled looking Barn Owl over Felbrigg Lake


and an equally damp and disheartened Little Owl



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