Aylmerton Nature Diary

Wednesday 8th June

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Hen Pheasant with one ‘humbug’ chick at five o’clock, hidden under the stinging nettle

Yesterday morning was spent on the allotment. It was sunny at first but then gradually clouded over. There were no insects around the pond and the only birding interest were three Buzzards circling overhead – that is until I discovered a hen Pheasant with her brood of chicks, crouched in the wild flower meadow! I couldn’t count them all, as they scurried into the hedgerow, but there must have been ten or more. On returning home I was pleased to find that the Aylmerton ‘Snow Finch’ had, at last, made it from the neighbours garden, into mine.

The afternoon and evening were taken up with a bird club visit to one of the heaths, south of Aylsham. Again, the weather wasn’t ideal but we did find forty species, including good, prolonged, views of Woodlark and Hobby. Twelve club members then had supper together at a near-by inn before returning to the heath for night-time species. Due to the cool, overcast conditions we only managed to hear a couple of Nightjar, but everyone seemed happy with the event overall.

The Aylmerton ‘Snow Finch’ makes it on to the garden list!




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