Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 14th June

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Newly emerged (teneral) Four-spotted Chaser, Cley NWT

On Sunday afternoon/evening I spent a considerable amount of time looking and listening for the Wood Warbler, reported by an NENBC member earlier that day, but without success. I did get plenty of Tawny Owl action in the evening, with a minimum of five different birds from probably two different family parties.

Yesterday I was at Cley, where again, there was very little happening bird wise. But I did manage to find a freshly emerged Four-spotted Chaser.

Today it’s been showery again, but there were a few damselflies around the pond at the allotment and several exuvia. Whilst I was trying to photograph the emerging insects, I was ‘buzzed’ by a superb fresh, powder blue, male Broad-bodied Chaser. No chance of any photos though!

Exuvia of, presumably, Azure Damselfly


Large Red Damselfly




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