Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday 3rd July

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Record shot of Spotted Flycatcher, Felbrigg Park – adult and possibly juvenile.

A productive late morning walk around Felbrigg Park – however still not much in the way of dragonflies. There were Ringlets, Meadow Browns and Small Tortoiseshells in profusion though. I was standing on the top sluice path when Tim hurried over to say that he and Dawn had just been watching an adult Hobby taking dragonflies from off the lake. Unfortunately, it had gone by the time I got there. As we stood there waiting for it to reappear, I caught a brief glimpse of a bird across the lake which looked good for Spotted Flycatcher. We’d only just be discussing the fact that they’d not been seen since the day of the NENBC Big Sit, back at the beginning of May. As we watched, two more birds appeared – presumably a pair with a fledged youngster. Another confirmed species for the NENBC Felbrigg Park Breeding Bird Survey! Also across the lake, near the viewing screen, two Mandarin. I assumed at first that they were female but then Tim suggested that they might be youngsters. I remember we had this discussion last year but didn’t come to any firm conclusions until an obvious immature male appeared later on in the summer. Looking at BWP, the birds at the lake this morning showed some white markings around the eye but nothing around the bill and the streaking on the breast is quite pronounced. The bill on the bird to the right looks reasonably pink. What do other people think?


I came across this photo on the internet, which is labeled ‘male in eclipse’



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