Aylmerton Nature Diary

Wednesday 27th July

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The characteristic pose of a Kingfisher (large post to the rear right!) – seen from the dam!

It rained enough on my morning walk to get me wet, but probably not enough to make a difference to the allotment – which desperately needs a good watering. It was all pretty predictable stuff until I got as far as the dam. Scanning the rough grazing to the south I noticed, at the far end of the meadow, what I thought was the familiar shape of a Kingfisher, sat atop one of the fence posts, which mark the line of Scarrow Beck. Whist observing the distant shape, trying to confirm the identification, another familiar silhouette rose up out of the marshy ground – this time it was a Snipe. The Kingfisher is the first one I’ve seen here all year and the Snipe, most likely to be a very early returning bird. A couple of Marsh Tit were calling near the viewing screen on my way back home, before the heavier rain set in.

Silhouette of a Snipe over the rough grazing meadow below the dam – an early retuning bird?


Goldfinch are one of the birds which, according to the recent NENBC breeding bird survey of Felbrigg Park, are doing pretty well – full results are currently being collated, analysed and written up



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