Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 12th August

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Little Owl, on one of it’s favourite sunning spots

I enjoyed a leisurely walk around the park this morning. I was later than normal and the brisk westerly wind still had a noticeably cool edge to it, but there was plenty of intermittent sunshine to compensate. There was little of interest until I reached The Warren, from where I spotted the unmistakable profile a Spotted Flycatcher, sat out on one of it’s regular perches in the Alders, close to the viewing screen. I watched it fly out and back a few times before it eventually disappeared behind the tall dead trees. It was probably an adult. There were a few more dragonflies about and I eventually racked up quite a total, including: Emperor, Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker, Common & Ruddy Darter and Common Blue & Blue-tailed Damselfly. The Little Owl was sat sunning itself in the usual oak tree by the dam and there was a small flock of Mistle Thrush in the rough grazing meadow – I counted 18. This is a regular late-summer feature at Felbrigg. There was a single Swift over Common Plantation. Our village birds seem to have gone now – I last noticed them a week ago, on 5th., that’s three days earlier than their departure last year. There was a female or immature Blackcap along the shelter-belt and a Marsh Tit calling close-by.

Record shot of Spotted Flycatcher, Felbrigg Park


Female Common Darter, one of seven dragonfly/damselfly species seen today



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